Frequently asked Questions
1.   'Is the job messy'?
Our machines are 95% dust free, however there will be the remaining dust floating during the sanding process, which unfortunately this cannot be avoided. However if possible we will leave the windows open in the rooms that we are working in, this is to allow for ventilation and release as much dust as possible. We will always maintain a very clean service; insure that all furniture is covered up and doors are sealed. We clean up as much as possible during our work and then a very thorough clean up once our work has been completed.
2.  'How reliable are your services'?
We have a very reliable and professional team. We pride ourselves in our work as well as reliability and efficiency. We always treat our customers as top priority and nothing less. We aim to satisfy our customers 100%. Any customers of TLC's, are a happy customer.
3.   'How booked up are you'?
As any popular trade service, we are always on high demand. That's why we have made sure we have enough of the greatest and most professional teams. Making sure that we are able to fit you in for the times and dates that suit you best, or the closest possible to what is required.
4.   'How costly are you'?
We are one of the most competitive and very reasonable with our costs. We aim to beat any other quote that you have received from another floor sanding company. Not only are we unbeatable in cost, we are also very unbeatable in quality.
5.   'What about all of my furniture'?
We can assure you every single possession in your property will be completely taken care of .We will gladly take care of moving any heavy furniture that you may not be able to manage to move yourselves. Alternatively if any furniture cannot be removed from the room we are working in, don't worry we will carefully move it to the side and work around it. This has been the case plenty of times so we certainly know what we are doing. We will cover up any furniture to prevent dust getting to it.
6.   'What colour floor can I have'?
That is entirely your choice, whatever colour suits your taste we will match it. We will lay down as many samples as you like on your floors to help you decide. We have a range of stains so plenty of options that you can choose from.
7.  'What are the payment arrangements'?
Payment for our work is due on completion, we accept cash or bank transfers. We require a small deposit on to secure your booking in our diary. Also if you require any flooring and want us to provide this for you, we ask for this payment upfront. We can then collect what is required from our supplier's efficiently and as quickly as possible.
8.   'Do you work weekends'?
We certainly do, Sunday's also. If we are half way through your work on a Friday but you would prefer us to come back on the Monday, let us know and this can be arranged.
9. 'Can you provide me with any references of your work'?
We are more than happy to give you as many references as you require. We can also give you details of public places that you can visit which we have also done in many areas. This will demonstrate a fine example of our work.
10. 'What are your working hours'?
We in the office are here: Monday - Saturday between 8:30am - 7pm and Sunday 10am - 4pm. Our team of sanders work from Monday - Saturday 8:30am - 6pm and Sunday 10am - 4pm. If you require us to be with you at a earlier time start which is more convenient for you, this is not a problem